The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

If you haven’t finished your 200th replay of UFC 146, then you need to take your DVR out to a restaurant, buy it a chicken plate dinner and pay for the bill because you’re going to be doing a lot of one-on-one time with it throughout the week. That’s right, I want you to date inanimate objects for the greater good of MMA. Whatever we can do to progress the sport, we must make it a priority. Date your DVR, have a one-night stand with your Xbox 360, make out with your $19.99 Epson printer that you got at Wal-Mart. It’s Sunday morning, which means that whenever you’re done hooking up with your electrical appliances, you can check out our exclusive feature called ‘The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill,’ a place where friends become enemies, and enemies become mini-me — and mini-me becomes a centipede.

Note: Don’t expect to read anything about Arianny Celeste in this Sunday Morning Rumor Mill. We love MMA, not chicks that hold cardboard numbers above their head. We also do not advocate the firing of anyone, so don’t look for us to fan some flame that isn’t even there. We assume Celeste is a good person and hope that she gets whatever help she needs (if she even needs help at all).

Update: On the Mayhem item, it appears that everything seems to be accurate except for the incident with CB Dollaway. That’s why it’s a rumor, these things are placed here to be debunked or verified.

  • Before we get into the entire Mayhem Miller thing, let me restate that the Mayhem Miller vs. LayzieTheSavage beef is nonexistent. It died when I scheduled Layzie to interview Mayhem regarding his new Airwalk contract earlier this year. What I didn’t publish is that towards the end of the interview, both parties apologized for acting out of character regarding the entire gym incident that happened in 2010. We hope Mayhem recovers from his loss and continues to have a prosper career, with anything he wants to achieve. With that said, here’s what was rumored to happen during Mayhem Miller’s backstage incident. When CB Dollaway did his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, Mayhem slowly walked to the back of the Octagon and rested his arms on the top of the cage. His head was hung pretty low, so Mark Munoz and Ryan Parsons consulted him inside the cage. They eventually walked out and Mayhem Miller had an ‘incident’ before the post-fight medical check-up with one of the staff members working at UFC 146. Apparently when Mayhem walked backstage after the bout, he sat down against a wall, probably reflecting on his fight with CB Dollaway. Someone backstage (not sure if it was MGM or UFC staff) asked Mayhem to ‘clear the path’ and get out of the corridor. Mayhem either didn’t hear him or simply was wrapped-up in his own thoughts to care. The staff member then tried to pat him on the back in order to encourage him to move. It’s rumored Mayhem Miller quickly got up, yelled at the staff member and then kicked over a table. A few UFC employees questioned why he did it, and apparently he got in a verbal altercation with them. At the post-fight screening, Mayhem starting yelling at CB regarding the decision and threw an object at him. Dollaway continued to sit down and get checked out by the doctor. Mayhem then went into the locker room, gathered his belongings and left the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The UFC couldn’t even contact him for his post-fight quote. Nothing physical happened, just mayhem. It’s also apparent that Mayhem Miller was on his way out of the UFC if he lost at UFC 146, this incident didn’t cause him being cut from the promotion. We also talked with CB Dollaway after the fight, and he still seemed pretty heated after the backstage verbal exchange. We’ll post the entire interview later today on MiddleEasy.
  • Shinya Aoki vs. Sakuraba at the next DREAM event isn’t as definite as some people believe.
  • Bellator forced the director of The Reem to remove footage from the promotion in his newly created Eddie Alvarez documentary that was exclusively published on MiddleEasy last week.
  • Brock Lesnar was in attendance at UFC 146 and he was talking to Lorenzo Fertitta. Dana White suggested he would be open to a dual WWE/UFC contract for the former UFC heavyweight champion — so come to your own conclusions. Also, Lorenzo Fertitta dresses like Tony Stark.
  • Chael Sonnen had a good time during UFC 146. Let’s leave it at that 🙂
  • Apparently Junior dos Santos was dealing with a minor respiratory illness leading up to UFC 146.
  • Rashad Evans is not stepping in for Vitor Belfort in order to fight Wanderlei Silva.
  • Many Brazilian media members on press row were warned by the UFC to act more professional. Personally, I saw a Brazilian journalist ask a UFC staff member if she could use his camera to take picture with him and Bigfoot Silva backstage before his UFC 146 fight. A few Brazilian media members were also filming the fight on their iPhone until reprimanded by ZUFFA for doing so. I even witnessed someone from the press switch his cageside seat with his friend who was sitting in the upper-stands at the MGM Grand Garden arena. From what I saw last night, a large portion of Brazilian media are whackos. Not all, but a lot. If you’re looking for legit Brazilian MMA media, look no further than MMA-Brasil. Undoubtedly the best in South America.
  • From what I’ve heard backstage, I would not be surprised if Alistair Overeem gets an immediate title shot once his suspension is up.
  • It appears Mark Pavelich still intends to sell his Canadian promotion, MFC.
  • You probably saw this coming, but Bellator and TNA wrestling are interested in signing Josh Barnett to a deal similar to King Mo’s contract once Barnett is finished with his ZUFFA obligations.
  • At the BJJ Expo in Long Beach, California earlier this month, Renanto Laranja and Nate Diaz got into a little ‘altercation’ at the OTM booth. Video of this incident has been floating around the internet, but the joke is on you. It was all staged. You’ve all been trolled.
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