The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

The anticipation for UFC 131 has dissipated. Junior Dos Santos ousted Shane Carwin for a title shot, Mark Munoz slammed his fist into Demian Maia’s skull for the win and Jon Olav Einemo showed finesse, but simply couldn’t finish Pee Knee Herman. You’ve awoken this morning with a hangover, and unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about it. Drink a cup of water, eat some greasy foods and catch a marathon of NCIS is my suggestion. Alternatively, you can just read our Sunday Morning Rumor Mill. That may help.

  • An MMA organization called ‘One Fighting Championship’ is starting in Asia, and it appears to have some massive money backing them. The organization has one goal: to dominate MMA in Asia and they will have their first event on September 3rd in the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Expect a lot of your favorite Japanese fighters to make the transition to this new organization. Remember where you heard it first.
  • After Kenny Florian wore his Boston Bruins jersey at the UFC 131 weigh-ins, he received verbal death threats from avid Vancouver Canuck fans later that evening.
  • It’s rumored that the UFC hired a law firm from New York to deal with the impending FTC investigation.
  • Developers of UFC Undisputed 3 started a heavy campaign to get the game sanctioned in the Evo Championship Series.
  • Unfortunately, MMA super agent, Ken Pavia (Pavia Holdings, LLC) is on the verge of going bankrupt.
  • Apparently ADCC is charging upwards of $655 just to obtain media credentials for their event this year in Nottingham, England.
  • It appears that since UFC is leaving Spike TV pending the completion of the G4 deal, M-1 Global has also thrown their hats in the Spike TV ‘lottery.’
  • Another heavy rumor is that an undisclosed deal was made with Showtime to relieve Nick Diaz of his Strikeforce contract. It seemed as if Showtime put up a good fight to prevent Diaz from vacating his belt and signing with the UFC, but within the undisclosed deal (and I really wish I knew what it was), it benefited both parties.
  • Despite rumors early last week, Josh Barnett will have zero problems getting licensed for his upcoming Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand-Prix bout in Dallas, TX.
  • Spike TV executives are calling The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 their ‘final season.’
  • As most of you have probably inferred by now, the G4/UFC deal is no where near complete.
  • While it’s a rumor that we introduced a few months ago, EA Sports may still be exploring developing a kickboxing game using the ‘Fight Night Champion’ engine.
  • Not really a rumor, more of a fact, but after it was announced that Nick Diaz would face Georges St. Pierre for the UFC welterweight title, Gilbert Melendez personally contacted Dana White to simply ask where his title shot was.
  • Late last week I made some phone calls to see what the deal is with NY MMA bill. Hate to say it folks, but MMA in New York will not pass this year. I bet all the money in my left pocket that it will not pass — and yes I am wearing pants.
  • A source out of Paul Daley’s camp informed me that Cyborg Santos and Paul Daley will battle for possession of the now vacant Strikeforce welterweight belt.
  • It’s rumored that Gina Carano pulled out of her return fight in Strkeforce due to contractual obligations from Relativity Media and Overture Films.
  • Former OZ star, Chuck Zito, is in talks to compete in an MMA organization based out of North Texas.
  • Even though Dana White explicitly said UFC will go after the creators of animated gifs, there is nothing in the DMCA act that prevents these creations from being made.
  • Look for Bellator to hold a contest starting this Fall/Winter for MMA highlight reel makers across the world to create a three-minute long highlight video depicting Bellator’s greatest moments. No clue as to what prizes will be awarded, though.
  • Many of you were wondering what happened with MiddleEasy’s YouTube broadcast of the UFC 131 prelims yesterday. It appears that the UFC disabled embedding request for all sites at some point after the Omigawa fight.
  • I also feel the need to dispel this rumor. No one at MiddleEasy/WorldOverEasy paid for this thread on The Underground to be created to sell more ‘Angry Wallid’ shirts. Although the controversy enabled us to sell a lot of Angry Wallid shirts, we did not plan this. However, a massive thanks goes out to everyone who bumped the thread.
  • While it’s not definite, don’t be surprised if Joe Rogan is once again the host of ‘Fear Factor.’
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