The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

The final Sunday Morning Rumor Mill of the year. Should we keep the trend up in 2011? Egh, not sure. It had a great run this year, but I may be axing this feature of I feel like a true yenta keeping up with all the mishigas in the MMA world. Look at that, two Yiddish words in one sentence and I’m just a goyim. If The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill didn’t exist, you wouldn’t have googled what a ‘yenta’ or ‘goyim’ was. Perhaps this feature needs to remain just so you can use the search button for something other than typing in ‘Gina Carano nudes’. Enjoy perhaps the final Sunday Morning Rumor Mill of MiddleEasy history.

  • Before this ‘leaks’ on the net, let me just put out the entire story. Back in August, I contacted a company called 209 Gin to do cross-promotion. The company sent us a box of gin for Nick Diaz to sign and we were going to hand out a bottle to one lucky winner on We contacted Cesar Gracie who then requested that we pay the gym $500 and he would get everyone to sign it. Later that day, we tried to contact Cesar again, but he requested the same amount to get the bottle signed. We sat on the idea for a while, then contacted Ryan Parsons, Mayhem Miller’s agent to see if Mayhem could save our contest idea. We were going to have Mayhem Miller sign the bottles with a message like ‘Too scared to sign a bottle for your fans?’ addressed to Nick Diaz, and then hand it out on This was just before Mayhem set-up the, a site that he used to call out Nick Diaz for a catchweight bout. Ryan Parson informed me they were going to go with the contest idea when the blog was set-up. Website was set-up, months went by, nothing happened. I contacted Ryan to see he was still game, told me he was, weeks went by, nothing. Then the entire Layzie The Savage vs. Mayhem Miller incident went down, I contacted Ryan to see if Mayhem would send the bottles back. Ryan informed me that he would try to get a hold of Mayhem, since that day I haven’t heard back from them. Now I have a company that is wondering what the hell happened to their product and I don’t really have an answer for them. The reason for this blog entry is that someone out there needs to order some 209 Gin, they’re good people and they were well aware of Nick Diaz before I contacted them for the contest. I’m giving them a free plug because they were unfortunate parties in this entire debacle.
  • Expect Mark Coleman to be a permanent staple in the Japanese wrestling scene, and be prepared for even more nutty wrestling ‘hype’ videos.
  • Dan Hardy vs. Anthony Johnson is rumored to go down in Toronto.
  • Thiago Alves vs. Rick Story will probably go down at an event in May.
  • Apparently Brock Lesnar is struggling with accepting the position as a TUF coach, or headlining a Wrestlemania event at some point in 2011.
  • Dan Hornbuckle is rumored to be out of his fight with Ryo Chonan at Sengoku: Soul of Fight.

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