The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

It may be the afternoon in whatever part of the world you’re located in, but in California it’s still Sunday morning. Of course that means another edition of our weekly Sunday Morning Rumor Mill. As usual, it’s packed with enough rumors to make you call up your mother and tell her that you love her. Well, maybe not that many rumors, but it’s still a hearty portion. In fact, there are so many rumors in this edition of the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill that you can take the leftovers and make a half-assed soup, Thanksgiving style. Enjoy.

  • This really isn’t that much of a shocker considering Dana White made UFC the ‘unstoppable frate trane’ that it is, but in getting the sport legalized/authorized in other parts of the world, Dana White (or more likely a collection of people) attempted to push something they’ve coined (and are in the process of trademarking) as ‘UFC combative sports’. This would distinguish the UFC from ‘MMA’ and essentially greenlight ‘UFC combative sports’ under the UFC/ZUFFA banner in parts of the world where other MMA organizations can’t host events. Some of you may be confused and granted, I’m not doing a great job explaining this, but in short, ZUFFA is trying to distinguish UFC from MMA and get ‘UFC combative sports’ legalized in certain local governments while ‘MMA’ would still be ‘illegal’. Great business tactic if you want to dominate the sport. I’m sure I will receive a ‘cease and desist’ notification sometime this week regarding this ‘rumor’, so read it while you can.
  • As of Thursday, FEG has contacted M-1 Global in order to get Fedor Emelianenko to participate in Dynamite!! 2010. No opponent has been named.
  • Bas Rutten is trying to pitch a show that would mimic ‘The Office’ but be centered around ‘relationship battles’.
  • Last week at Strikeforce San Jose, I overheard someone from the media ask Scott Coker if they would be having a Strikeforce heavyweight grand-prix. Coker responded with ‘I can’t talk too much about that right now, but definitely some exciting stuff coming in the future’.
  • At this point, Batista vs. Lashley is pretty much a lock, but expect some announcement to come by the end of 2010.
  • I feel like a huge yenta telling you guys this, but here’s the deal. Everyone has their own preference of the opposite sex, that’s undeniable. We don’t adhere to a carbon copy of the human body, and nether does Georges St. Pierre. Some of you out there already knew this, but GSP likes chicks that aren’t — skinny. The guy likes thick chicks and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. More power to him.
  • The ‘Jerry Maquire’ kid (Jonathan Lipnicki) is getting in shape to star in a movie ‘based on MMA-fighters’. Not sure what that even means, but that’s what I was told. On another note, the kid is nineteen. Is it really that hard to get in shape when you’re a teenager?
  • A German MMA site broke the EA Sports MMA embargo and published an in-depth review of the game before the October 19th launch date. I’m sure if you Google hard enough, you’ll be able to find it. Great review though. EA Sports doesn’t plan on taking legal action towards the site.
  • Yoshihiro Akiyama will not be cut from the UFC, despite some premature reports.
  • Omigawa has called out Shinya Aoki to a bout at Dynamite!! 2010. To boot, he allegedly insulted his gym in order for him to accept the fight. Omigawa is on verbal warpath right now.
  • When Alistair Overeem met the designers of EA Sports MMA for the first time, he seriously asked one of the designers to see why he was ‘so fat’. Needless to say, they abruptly altered his character before the game was finished.
  • I briefly mentioned it in last week’s Sunday Morning Rumor Mill, but there aren’t enough attorneys on this planet that could enable the Nick Diaz vs. Mayhem Miller scuffle video from Strikeforce Diaz vs. Noons II to be legally released. I tried my best people.

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