The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

No MMA this weekend does not denote that there won’t be a slew of fresh rumors to promptly be inserted into our weekly rumor mill. The NFL season is here, fall is officially here and it’s finally time to start rocking hoodies instead of cut-off jean capris. This Sunday Morning Rumor Mill has arrived on your doorstep and feel free to open it and read the contents of it. Enjoy.

  • M-1 Global has been in talks with Astra on having Fedor Emelianenko fight in a NYE event held in Korea. No opponent was named.
  • This is more of a little known fact and not a rumor, but Fedor Emelianenko only has one fight left on his M-1 Global contract.
  • If Ryan Bader can get past Lil Nog, the UFC will most likely pit Jon Jones vs. Ryan Bader for the #1 contender spot after Rashad Evans.
  • After UFC 118, Frankie Edgar was asked if he would be open to moving up in weight to fight GSP. His response was ‘Sure, why not’ but this could be attributed to whatever surge of elation that was running through Frankie after his first title defense. Would be an interesting fight nonetheless.
  • Sexyama is planning on opening a steakhouse in Korea sometime in 2011.
  • M-1 Global lost a lawsuit against a honey company in Korea. M-1 sued the company for using fight footage of Fedor Emelianenko in one of their television ad campaigns. Apparently Fedor has lost some popularity in Korea since the failed lawsuit.
  • More in the M-1 Global news train, it looks like the company’s main investor is reducing the funds being pumped into M-1 due to some ‘questions’ that need to be answered by Vadim Finkelstein.
  • Roy Nelson has been trying to talk his way into a fight with Shane Carwin, and as of this week it may have worked. Look for a fight announcement to be made sometime this month.
  • Joe Warren will be taking his Bellator belt to his Dream 16 bout with Omigawa.
  • There’s still a lot more news that will leak regarding TapouT being sold at the beginning of this month.
  • Beef between Roger Gracie and Robert Drysdale is getting pretty thick. Last month, Drysdale was in talks with UFC but it appears that the company wanted him to go through TUF in order to get in the UFC. If Robert Drysdale signs with Strikeforce to make a fight with Roger Gracie happen, don’t be surprised.
  • Heard this from an anonymous source so I’m not sure how reliable this is, but shortly after his UFC 118 bout with Randy Couture, the IRS confiscated all or some of James Toney reported $550,000 fight purse. In 2004, Toney filed a voluntary petition and the IRS was listed as a creditor. He then moved to dismiss the petition. Not sure what happened after that, but it’s not that far-fetched that the IRS could have confiscated the money earned at UFC 118.

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