The (Stay Ready) Fighting Irish – Conor McGregor will jump in for Aldo or Mendes if they get injured

My God, this Conor McGregor. While at a pre-fight presser for this weekend’s UFC 178, McGregor was asked by members of the media if he’d be game to step in for either Jose Aldo or Chad Mendes for the UFC 179 main event should either man get injured. “100 percent. You’re damn right I’d be ready. I stay ready,” said McGregor as transcribed byDavid St. Martin for MMAFighting.

McGregor is currently riding the wave of an eleven fight win streak that comes with the air of confidence that makes fans either love him or hate him. I, for one, love the guy. His attitude is wonderful. Yes, I agree that the sport is best served for humble martial artists who are always respectful and never cocky, but this is ‘the fight game,’ after all; and I have a hard time getting excited for someone who doesn’t think they can rule the world. That’s not to say that I think everyone should talk a big game, or, even do their best Chael Sonnen impression to ‘talk their way into a fight.’ I truly believe that the taking (hyping, trash talk, whatever) is a skill that someone has or doesn’t; and when someone has it, it truly makes a fighter that much more exciting to watch.

With the proposed scenario of McGregor stepping in for the October 25thbout, McGregor went on to describe his prediction for the theoretical fight. “I’ll honestly whoop both of them,” he said with the arrogance confidence he’s become known for. But I love that: The ‘fight anyone, anywhere, anytime’ mentality that we first saw with BJ Penn’s “JUST SCRAP” campaign.

Is McGregor counting his chickens before they’re hatched? Certainly. Is it still awesome? Yes! With Anderson Silva’s career (arguably) entering its twilight and GSP’s career in limbo, McGregor breathes life into the sport and gives hope to us witnessing another ‘great’ grace the octagon. Just imagine if he does win this weekend, then does happen to fill-in next month and wins that. Seriously, think about that. The sport would explode and so would my head.


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