The new Dream 17 video just reinforces how awesome the event will be

Japanese MMA sort of collapses when practiced on the American continent. Something gets lost in translation, and it ultimately ends up with a myriad of Japanese fighters losing on this side of the hemisphere. When I was in Tokyo a few weeks ago, I went on a refrigerator magnet shopping spree, an activity that I could only pull off with reasonably success in Japan. It’s clear that my refrigerator magnet shopping game noticeably improves when I’m in Asia. Perhaps that is what actually gets lost in translation — novelty magnet ambitions. Now that I’m back in the US, I have bags of Japanese magnets sitting on my table — and I don’t even care. I hope they all ignite and burn in a cloud of stupid little dust. My aspirations for purchasing refrigerator magnets outweighs my need to place them on my fridge. Those magnets mean nothing to me. However, this DREAM 17 ‘Fight Order’ video does, so you should check it out. [Source]

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