The Knee Destruction™ took the soul of ANOTHER leg tonight at RFA 18

The broken leg is becoming a disturbing trend in MMA and combat sports in general (get well soon, Tyrone). I don’t know if it’s because these fighters aren’t drinking their milk, or if it’s because milk nowadays is a strange combination of puss and chemicals, or if it’s due to weight cutting, or improper form but we’ve seen nearly a half-dozen broken legs in the last year or so.

And speaking of milk, it was probably full of that stuff back when wearing a milk mustache on the back of magazines was cool. Damn, remember magazines?

So tonight at RFA 18, Adrian Cruz performed a leg kick, Justin Mitchell Linn lifted his leg in the Knee Destruction Technique™ perfectly, then Adrian cracked his shin. Like most leg breaks, it buckled as soon as Adrian stepped back down, but then Adrian did the heroic thing and looked down, contemplated his injury, then attempted to fight on. He even almost checked a kick of his own with his blasted shin. 

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