The beef between Josh Koscheck and Stephan Bonnar is strong, and it may be settled at 185 lbs

Sometimes when you are wronged, the only honorable thing to do is challenge the offending party to a fight to the death, or if you are incarcerated in Oswald Maximum Security Correctional Facility you can shank the guy in his cell. Thankfully we don’t live in Oz, and just as well really because Adebisi was a very scary individual and I would end up being Tobias Beecher. Since we live in the real world, and not an HBO series set in a prison, it seems the proper thing to do would be to settle the dispute mano-a-mano, especially if your job is to fight in a cage, as it is for Josh Koshcheck and Stephan Bonnar, who have both indicated they would fight each other in the Octagon because of legal disputes.

Bonnar’s new t-shirt venture, Trash Talkin Kids began with a design depicting Koscheck as a Cabbage Patch Doll, with the tagline “Josh Koshbygosh”. Trouble is, Josh’s image is already licensed and he is claiming that these t-shirts put him in breach of contract. As a result, Josh decided to sue. Bonnar took exception to this and mentioned in an interview with Five Knuckles that he would drop weight to fight Koscheck for sending his lawyers on him.

Of course, Koscheck isn’t the type of guy that would let a challenge like that slide. While telling his side of the story to, he made it known that he would accept a fight with Bonnar at 185 if it was laid on the table. In response, Bonnar tweeted this:

Things just got interesting folks.

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