That time Rafael Natal was challenged to a grappling match by a weird dude in the streets of NYC

Mixed Martial Arts has drastically altered the landscape of tough guys. It used to be  that if a shirtless man accosted you on a street corner trying to start a fight, he’d be talking about his Kung Fu kicks & his Judo chops (cf. Diemon Dave Ninja School). When the UFC made men like Randy Couture, Matt Hughes, Dan Henderson, Pat Miletich, and BJ Penn famous, however, your local troublemaker soon learned that the guy with the messed up earholes could probably feed you your own ankles if he wanted to.

The times, they are a-changing, and the amateur Street Martial Artist must evolve if he wants to survive. You can’t just bang, bro, if you want to be the baddest guy on 5th and 72nd. And this leads us to UFC middleweight, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelt, and Renzo Gracie disciple Rafael “Sapo” Natal being challenged on the street by America’s Most Wanted: The Infamous Angelo. He’s undefeated in the street. Or the grass, apparently, and win or lose he’ll get a steak with you to clean up your faces when the battle is complete.

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