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Sure, Jon Jones filmed a video with a cat and a glass pipe, but grow up

Sure, Jon Jones filmed a video with a cat and a glass pipe, but grow up

Some observant fellow on the Internet has captured an interesting moment in time, ripped right from a video posted by Jon Jones, where he can be seen hazy-eyed and playing with a cat in front of a glass pipe.

But before you rush to judgment like some giggling child, remember that tens of thousands of glass pipes are sold every single day in head shops around the world for the declared purpose of smoking tobacco. If you suggest otherwise, you can kindly leave the store, you insolent little pothead. Because head shops are legal so long as they sell items used for legal substances. Like the one resting on Jon’s counter.

Does he looked like he’s just stoned to the bejesus belt? Perhaps. Is petting a cat more fun after a smooth sativa? Certainly. But that pipe could be used to smoke anything from oregano to a ball of dried grass. And I’m not talking a mixture of Kentucky bluegrass, Northern California sensimilla and featherbed bentgrass. Stop being immature.

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