SuperCalo: Who has the Best footwork in mMa

Movement is the key to getting from one place to the next.   Kai Yuan    Yang Dynasty 2000 BC 

Without movement there is stillness, stillness leads to stagnation , stagnation leads to suffering.   Descartres, Athens   1034 BC

As James Brown once said “I gotta dance now” he then proceeded to do this :
or this
Who in mMa can match this or even approach this level ?
There are several contenders
One of them is a natural at it, the natural, Randy Couture
We can’t see Randys footwork here, but you just know the way his head is moving, the arm movements, his feet are moving in time & they are FLOWING
What about the all time great Anderson Silva
Moves so pure that even Michael Jackson a aclaimed dancer himself copied some of Andersons mannerisms
But even big men can dance, those that one assumes are flat footed can show their rhythm on the floor, Brock the man moutain Lesnar for example
No there is one true champion of the mMa dancefloor, he dances like a iceman, Chuck Liddell
All the great mMa dancers have become champions, coincidence ?
Albert Einstein who invented the black hole or similar once said : “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”
To dance is a God given gift, only the truly talented are given it & if they use it they will go far, glory & belts await.
One can only wonder if the Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley had decided to turn to mMa who truly would have been the greatest of all time
Only Chuck Liddell has approached those hallowed heights almost reaching the semi final of the world wide dancing phenomenon
“so you think you can dance” & oh yes he can.
Liddell master of footWork. 

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