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Strangely, Bibiano Fernandes is not fighting at UFC 149 any more

Strangely, Bibiano Fernandes is not fighting at UFC 149 any more

Back in the day I played Pokemon cards constantly. If not with my friends or in the Pokemon League then I’d be playing it on the Game Boy. I used to dream up strategies of attack, or which cards to include in a deck to make it even more powerful. I was addicted. Oh, I’ve just totally glossed over the Pokemon League comment. Yeah, there was a local game store which held Pokemon nights, they had a ‘gym leader’ and everything. I actually still have the Boulder Badge and limited edition Meowth card I earned. I never actually managed to beat the gym leader however, although I boasted about how bad I was going to destroy him on a number of occasions.

I learned a valuable lesson that day: never announce you have signed Bibiano Fernandes and match him up for UFC 149 before he’s actually signed a contract. Oh, wait, that’s a lesson for the UFC. The lesson I learned was not to boast about things that haven’t happened yet, in case they don’t happen. Amid announcements that Fernandes had pulled out injured, multiple MMA sites are now reporting that he is still negotiating with the UFC and ONE FC, who have reportedly offered him a contract with better conditions. Hopefully the statement he plans to release will clear the whole situation up more, there is still a chance he will sign with the UFC. There is also still a chance I’ll fight that gym leader. I still have a few decks…


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