Stop what you’re doing and watch Michael Schiavello give his take on UFC 137

This show is more stacked than a 1989 Dolly Parton. That’s my Michael Schiavello impression for the day. It only works if you shave your head and say it in an Aussie accent. Alright, now that you shaved your head, I must admit that it doesn’t work. Don’t worry, you can give your hair to some kid at the Children’s Hospital. That’s your good deed for the day. You can now say that you’ve touched more children’s lives than a Michael Jackson slumber party. Forget it, I’ll leave the Schiavelloisms to the master and continue to eat this bag of peach rings I found in an old duffel bag. In the meantime, check out this interview just after last night’s UFC 137 with Michael Schiavello.

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