Sometimes you need Gracie Jiu Jitsu practitioners to enforce traffic laws

The traffic in New York City is almost as bad as the traffic in LA.  New York within city limits might be more congested, but with California’s freeway exits situated on the left and the right, sending a tweet while you drive can kill you twice as fast.  At least Los Angeles has plenty of roadside taco stands where you can ride out rush hour with a cold bottle of Jarritos and some carnitas.  In NYC, you’ll have to settle for a bag of Doritos and a bad attitude from the bodega owner asking you not to loiter.  I can only imagine what it’s like in Brazil where traffic is so wild that the entire Gracie JiuJitsu team is forced to patrol the streets making sure the crosswalks are clear for pedestrians.  I imagine they fuel up on Acai smoothies and do this in place of a standard warm-up, but that’s just speculation.  In all likelihood, this video debunks the myth that Brazilians feed busses carrots, but it gives life to the new joke of ‘How many Brazilians does it take to fix the traffic problem in Rio?’

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