So there really is a Geek Fight Club, and here’s video of it…

My friend approached me today and said the sweetest combination is pineapple and pizza. The creator of that pizza must have tried to sabotage some other guy’s pizza by throwing pineapples on top but it backfired, because pineapples on top of pizzas are amazing. I wonder where that guy is now. Maybe the creator of pineapple pizza and the other guy are friends now — but that’s just wishful thinking, maybe they still hate each other. It’s hard to hate someone that inadvertently makes you a delicious pizza, unless they won’t let you eat it. Then it’s a different story.

In this scenario, the two guys didn’t fight. Not sure if one would classify them as ‘geeks’, unless there’s a niche in our society for the term ‘pizza geeks’. However, Silicon Valley is host to a potpourri of geeks that probably created whatever device you’re reading this article on. Now it appears that these computer geeks are angry, very angry. They want an extension of existence that goes beyond their daily cubicle. These geeks have resorted to underground fighting, and we have video.

Watch Uppercut and be marveled as to how similar their life is compared to yours — well, except the unsanctioned fighting part.

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