So it looks like we were all trolled about Steven Seagal teaching Anderson Silva ‘his kick’

We’re just four days removed from Anderson Silva’s infamous teep kick, laser guided by Steven Seagal, and I already believe that every possible joke that can be written about the unlikely pair has already been written. I preferred the ‘just interviewed a velociraptor and he told me that he taught Anderson Silva that kick seventy-five million years ago’. So quickly has this Seagal kick found its way through popular culture and now resides in the unsavory territory of the ‘I’m Rick James Bitch’ meme. Remember, if you uttered that phrase at any time before August 6, 2004, then you contributed to the death of the original ‘Superfreak’. Let’s not let that happen to Anderson Silva — or Steven Seagal.

The story can be summarized as such: Boy meets girl, boy has unprotected sex with girl, girl makes one of the baddest [expletives] to ever high-kick out of a woman’s womb, baby grows up to star in a variety of early 90s action movies, movie star makes an energy drink comprised of Golgi berry that taste surprisingly good, movie star allegedly teaches the greatest of all time a kick he invented, greatest of all time knows the kick but plays into the lesson, greatest of all time pulls off the kick to knock out his opponent and the movie star takes credit for it — and the greatest of all time takes off his mask to reveal that he’s OMA.

In a report from the Brazilian magazine, Portal do Vale-tudo (translated by Fafefi Fofo), it appears that Anderson Silva’s camp used Steven Seagal to increase the UFC middleweight’s visibility in the US media.

“The declaration of the champion Anderson Silva (Seagal helping him with the amazing kick) was contemplated with humor by the fans, who knows that the actor was at most twice with the Brazilian.

The approach between the two was actually a marketing maneuver planned by the agent of Anderson, Jorge Joinha, to give more visibility to it’s champion in the American media. The plan worked very well in the first stage, the problem was in the wrong dose and reached the absurdity of assigning a brilliant victory by the biggest name in the MMA of all time to a “Master of Hollywood” who never climbed in the ring. The worst of all is that Seagal, perhaps influenced by some of his films, believed and even stated in several interviews after the fight that “He (Anderson) did everything the way i taught him and made me very proud”. For God’s sake…”

So the unbelievable story that Steven Seagal taught Anderson Silva a teep kick was indeed unbelievable? Dammit, I refuse to believe that it’s unbelievable. [Source]

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