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So is this MMA inspired Canadian rap battle baller or buster?

So is this MMA inspired Canadian rap battle baller or buster?

Hip-Hop died in 1998.

The previous statement is so accurate that in any other circumstance, this article would end with that single sentence. Wu-Tang Forever was released in 1997. Since then, everything has just been a clone within a clone. Jean Baudrillard wrote about the current condition of hip-hop in Simulacra and Simulations, but most of you could not comprehend the vastness of hyperreality — or speak French. However, if you are French-Canadian, there’s a minor chance that you’ve read Jean Baudrillard in his native language. There’s also an even smaller chance that you’ve decided to host a freestyle battle regarding MMA in Canada.

Check out this video of a few guys trading bars in an MMA freestyle session. So what is this: Baller or Buster? You decide, attentive MiddleEasy reader. Props to Karsten S. for the find. [Source]

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