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So here’s the low down on the new UFC intro…

So here’s the low down on the new UFC intro…

I seriously doubt anyone is happier than I am about the new UFC opening. Out with the nu metal and in with Hans Zimmer and a highlight reel created by a company that James Cameron founded. Slow clap, Zuffa. Slow clap. We still have a few hours until we can judge whether this new UFC intro is better than anything LookOutWhale, Genghis Con, Cynthia Vance, LayzieTheSavage or any of the others that I’m forgetting at the moment could make, but there will be no shouting about facing pain and ripping into pieces or any other indecipherable screaming. Life is good.

Layzie got to see the intro first hand, and this is the fact sheet about the new opening we will see tonight that the UFC provided the media.

Further insight comes from The Telegraph, who caught up with Dana White to discuss the finer details of the intro.

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It wasn’t time to end our suffering, the nu metal stays, but a slick and CGI filled intro with all of the above mentioned clips in a cement crushing warehouse scene was pretty darn cool.


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