Shots Fired – Joe Lauzon tells Michael Chiesa that ‘Rematches are dumb.’ Will fight for the 50K FOTN bonus

Going into last weekend’s UFC Fight Night 50, the bout between Joe Lauzon and Michael Chiesa was on everyone’s must-see TV list. The bout opened up the UFC’s main card of the night and did not disappoint as the two fighters, who are both known for their ability to finish fights, came out looking for not only a win, but an ‘Of the Night’ bonus. But as the first round started to unfold, it became pretty clear that Chiesa was on the losing end of the former; which ultimately became a fact as the fight was later stopped in the second round when one of Joe Lauzon’s knees opened up a gash over Chiesa’s eye that forced a doctor’s stoppage and the win for Lauzon.

Chiesa, obviously upset at the stoppage—and ultimately the loss—expressed his displeasure and the murmurings of a rematch were quickly being thrown around on social media; to which Chiesa jumped on. Yesterday, Joe Lauzon also took to social media by addressing the rematch talk by more or less telling Chiesa to stop selling wolf tickets (or wolf ticket (either is correct)) by posting a picture of the judges’ scorecards from the fight. The scorecards had Lauzon winning the first round, then the fight being stopped in the second. Lauzon accompanied the picture with the text of “Rematches are dumb” in a passive-aggressive shot at Chiesa to get over it. Chiesa then responded to the Twitter battle by posting a picture of his own, a forearm smash to the crown of Lauzon’s head with the accompanying text of “Don’t be scared homie”, which we’ll let slide (this time) because technically Chiesa is from the West Coast.

As mentioned, the fight did go on to earn each fighter an ‘Of the Night’ bonus, to which Chiesa said he’d give back for the rematch/had have been able to continue the rest of the match. “Everyone’s like, ‘Cheer up, you got the bonus,’” Chiesa told MMAjunkie. “I don’t care. I would give that $50,000 back just to be able to go the rest of the fight.” Lauzon has made it a point not to ask for immediate rematches (or rematches in general) to avenge losses. Chiesa has now twice made a scene in his two years as a UFC fighter after a loss. The first happening after Jorge Masvidal beat the bricks off of him and then choke him out with a D’arce, and Lauzon never has made much of a peep in his eight-year tenure. While I can see the point that both of these guys are trying to make, I have to side with Joe on this one. Why? Because if it isn’t a title fight, or a questionable judge’s decision, you’ve got to get over it and move on; which, in this case, is the case. Mike, buddy, you put up a good fight but Joe put you on your heels and eventually ended the fight by messing up your face so bad that a doctor thought it advisable to stop the fight. I don’t think he’s “scared,” but I do think you can bounce back—just stop sellin’ them wolf tickets.

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