Shogun Rua thinks Lyoto Machida will defeat Rampage at UFC 123

Let’s just be clear here, after Lyoto Machida ‘defeated’ Shogun Rua at UFC 104, I tweeted (twatted?) ‘Welcome to the Machida Error‘. Some [expletive] then stole that line, and sent it to Joe Rogan, Dana White and spammed it to roughly around twenty MMA sites. Joe Rogan retweeted the line, and then it spread across the internet like some incurable communicable disease. The guy who stole my line apologized, but it was too late. A multitude of sites used it in headlines and all of that can be attributed to a sole, non-talented clown stealing a line and sending it out to people in an attempt to be more clever than he/she really is. To that person (if you’re reading this), I hope you will never be able procreate. I hope whatever reproductive organs that are inside your lower torso are barren and desolate like the board game aisle in a toy store the day after Thanksgiving.

We’re just days away from UFC 123 igniting our television with an enormous amount of ‘Holy [expletive]!’ moments and in an interview with Gracie Magazine, Shogun Rua believes Lyoto Machida will grab the W over Rampage Jackson.

“They are two top athletes. Lyoto is really good and it’s hard to pick up on his game. Rampage is really strong, has a dangerous hook. But I feel Lyoto will win this one. Either way, it’s a fight I want to watch.”

As far as Shogun Rua healing up for his upcoming bout with Rashad Evans, the guy is healing faster than normal. That’s not genetics. It’s called a ‘healing factor’ and some geek out there created an entire Wikipedia entry about it including every comic book character that has it. That’s extraordinary. Still, not as extraordinary as someone going into that Wikipedia page and adding Shogun Rua to that roster. [Source]

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