Shinya Aoki erases his Twitter account due to abuse over Dynamite!! 2010 bout

I had a dream that Shinya Aoki was cast as Luke Cage in an underwater Iron Man sequel. In the Marvel Universe, that casting would make no sense but upon closer observation, it would make complete sense. Nick Fury changed from a middle-aged, chain smoking Irish guy to friggin’ Mace Windu in the course of only a few years. I guess in this scenario, Shinya Aoki’s Dynamite!! 2010 opponent, Jienotsu, would be like Big Ben Donovan, Luke Cage’s archenemy who is described simply as ‘lawyer and professional criminal’. Both characters had their first confrontation back in Hero For Hire #14, and the comic book cover should have its own exhibit in the Louvre. If Twitter existed back in 1972 and Luke Cage lost to Donovan within seconds of a fight, it goes without question that Luke Cage would give the digital finger to all his haters and delete his Twitter account. According to SkillMMA, that’s exactly why Shinya Aoki decided to delete his Twitter account just a few hours ago. [Source]

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