Video: Shaolin Monk Yi Long Beats Buakaw, Internet Explodes, Buakaw Cries.

Fight of the Century 2 just took place today. I don’t know how you can have too, but then again, I don’t know why a “shaolin monk” would be fighting Buakaw Banchamek. If you feel like you need to catch up for the sequel, you can watch the first infamous fight which Buakaw won on points. He wasn’t so lucky this time.

Buakaw threw Yi Long all around the ring, or was this Long just re-directing his own Qi? He also put together some pretty violent blitzes on Long, but it’s hard to hurt a man that pushes against metal spikes leaving no mark on his tempered body. Buakaw lost. There are a lot of internet speculation to justify this robbery so we’ve compiled them to make sense of this.

Video of what appears to be Buakaw crying after they allegedly awarded every round to Yi Long.
It’s worth to note in this break in the lighthearted fun that it was Buakaw’s first fight after Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej had passed (which is a huge deal) and he also had his father in attendance.

Surely something billed “Fight of the Century 2” was probably just as profitable as the first fight and WLF would seek to make this a trilogy. Perhaps this is what came into play here among rampant nationalism. Or, you know… Creeping Swan Swallowing Frog technique
You can watch the entire second fight down below.

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