Shane Carwin pushes his training partner’s eyeball inside his skull

They say give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. If you give Shane Carwin a training partner, he’ll punch him so hard that his eyeball will shove inside his skull. I would imagine any sparring video that features Carwin probably involves nuclear explosions in some capacity and an old guy with a walking stick on a street corner holding up ‘The End is Nigh’ sign. Here’s a helpful tip for directors of post-apocalyptic films: ‘Near’ has the same letter-count as ‘Nigh’ and it means exactly the same thing. Don’t be scared to use modern English, homie.

In the new episode of ‘Camp Carwin’, we’re introduced to a few people that don’t care about health and well-being and voluntarily get in the ring with a guy whose fist are abnormally large. [Source]

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