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Senile at 37: Laila Ali sure she would beat a tiny Ronda Rousey

Senile at 37: Laila Ali sure she would beat a tiny Ronda Rousey

Undefeated boxer Laila Ali, the daughter of Muhammad Ali, is confident she would beat Ronda Rousey in a fight. “For one, I’m not a UFC fighter, she’s not a boxer,” she explained to TMZ Sports. But she continued, “And no woman can beat me period.” Whether the product of simple error or pugilistic dementia, the comment was concerning.

According to Ali, who once had her wits about her, she is simply too large for Ronda to handle. “She’s too much smaller than me anyway,” she said. “She’s like the size of my daughter, my three year old.” Of course, Laila’s three year old has probably never broken the arm of an elite athlete, a detail she has perhaps repressed to maintain a raging narcissism or full-blown messiah complex.

Yes, Laila may have been joking, she may have been doing a bit of inflated self-marketing, or she may just be out of touch with modern combat sports. Nonetheless, it was comforting that she got into the rear seat of her vehicle, with no intent to drive headlong into traffic like an escaped Alzheimer’s patient.

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