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Scott Coker breaks down exactly why Gilbert Melendez will stay in Strikeforce

Scott Coker breaks down exactly why Gilbert Melendez will stay in Strikeforce

It’s only appropriate that we start off 2012 with a topic that we’ve been endlessly discussing since 2009. Back then, the essential lightweight fight everyone salivated over was a cross-promotional bout between Strikeforce’s Gilbert Melendez and Bellator’s Eddie Alvarez. People initially believed that if the bout did happen, the primary issue would be over what promotion would retain broadcast rights for the event. That was until Bjorn Rebney publicly stated that he was willing to relinquish the idea of a co-promotion and was even open to having the event in Strikeforce at San Jose, CA. Weeks went by, then Bjorn Rebney insisted that Scott Coker was ducking the text messages he sent regarding Melendez vs. Alvarez. Scott Coker denied receiving the texts, then Bjorn Rebney released pictures of the texts from his phone — and all talks just sort of collapsed.

Now fast forward a couple years to 2012 into the post-ZUFFA Strikeforce era that we all inhabit. Gilbert Melendez still remains locked into a Strikeforce contract (while riding a 6-0 winning streak) and Michael Chandler toppled Eddie Alvarez to be the new Bellator lightweight champion at Bellator 58. Unfortunately, whatever luster Melendez vs. Alvarez once had is no more. It’s finished, like all of those hopes and dreams you wanted to accomplish in 2011. Maybe you need to take it easy on the innumerable cans of Pringles you consume while watching Harry and the Hendersons.

We’re in 2012, the year of the Mayan prophecy — and Gilbert Melendez is still not in the UFC. Those Mayans probably saw it coming. Damn them and their incredibly unique clairvoyance. We caught up with Scott Coker to discuss the future of Gilbert Melendez in Strikeforce along with a few other topics I’m sure you’ll find interesting.

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