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Video: Saturday Night Live Had the Worst Conor McGregor Impression Ever Last Night

It’s been a month since Conor McGregor invaded New York and now he’s back again. In a skit that pokes fun at athletes burning through money, Saturday Night Live parodied McGregor’s loose and fast ways in a replica of the suit he had during the infamous UFC 205 press conference.

Of course, it only makes sense. McGregor is the biggest star in MMA since Ronda Rousey’s absence, who hosted the show at the beginning of this year. …But they couldn’t get the real Conor McGregor? Or like, the “infamous” Conor McGregor impersonator guy? Nope. They got one of their cast members to do it and, well… it was not good.

    This was as bad as when Ricardo Lamas tried to make a name for himself by earning a red panty night. Even then though, Lamas’ impression was still better than SNL’s.

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