Ryan Bader vs. Jon Jones goes down next year, but let’s get hyped for it right now

Ryan Bader fought on April 1st 2009 against Carmelo Marrero which essentially was like three rounds of a bad April Fool’s joke on Marrero. Ryan Bader dominated (as usual) and he got the W (as usual). During the fight, Bader tore ligaments in his body that most people didn’t even know existed and was sidelined for a few months. However, tearing ligaments for Ryan Bader is like stubbing your toe for a normal human being. It sucks for a couple of minutes, then you look around the room to see if anyone witnessed you holding your foot like a school girl. Of course, school girls are usually gangster — except when they stub their toes. When any light heavyweight is 12-0 you really should be taking notice, especially when he’s fighting a guy that should technically be 12-0. Check out this NickTheFace trailer of Ryan Bader vs. Jon Bones Jones which will go down at UFC 126. Props to Matt for the tip.

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