Ronda Rousey’s lube shaming continues through a good portion of UFC Embedded ep. 1 and Jesus Christ isn’t allowed in Starbucks

As if we needed another ongoing controversy, Ronda Rousey still believes some women don’t need lube, and now Jesus Christ isn’t allowed in Starbucks. This is almost too much for one MMA writer to handle.

First, MMA superstar and fan of killing in the name of his God, Jesus, Tim Kennedy is boycotting Starbucks:

This, on top of Ronda Rousey doubling down on her lube statements made earlier in the week before UFC 193. While the issue of Jesus Christ being banned from Starbucks is a tough Christmas chestnut roasted an open fire to swallow, the fact that Ronda still can’t admit that some women’s vaginas lubricate differently than her own is a narrow-minded look at the world that kind of makes us hope Holly Holm can show her what a dry vagina can do come Saturday night.

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