Replay: This wild Muay Thai KO leads to an ugly leg bend and shocked fan reactions

A couple things are going in this intense Muay Thai fight from Bangkok. Before the brutal one hit quit knockout occurs both fighters are firing off strikes at a high clip. Their offensive output is so fast that the fighter in red, the fighter in blue, and the poor referee cannot keep up. Watch for the moment when the referee tries to break up an exchange and nearly falls on his face as result of his hustle.

So frustrated.

Round four features a head kick, a comeback, and a body shot that set-ups the brutal finish. Look as the punch directly to the abs looks like nothing but is actually everything. Never skip ab day again. Then on the replay take a glance at the mix of faces of both fear and delight. The authentic Muay Thai knockout two from your face always makes the human brain walk the line between horror and wonder.


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