MMA Rundown

Replay: Bad referee lets Vladimir Mineev punch/knee Maiquel Falcao 80 extra times in round one TKO

Mixed martial arts is a global sport and this means a few things. For fans at any given time of the day, any day of the week there is likely some kind of MMA event occurring on any of the six continents of their choosing. More MMA means more MMA fights which gives bad MMA refereeing a chance to sprout up on every corner of the globe.

Close your eyes put your finger on at a world map and you’ll likely find a MMA event with a horrible ref doing horrendous work. From deep in heart of the Russian MMA scene we have one of the worst MMA stoppages of the year. Watch as the bad referee in the cage stands permanently stuck in neutral as 10-1 Russian middleweight prospect Vladimir Mineev beats UFC vet Maiquel Falcao for a solid 40 extra seconds than need be.

Referee! What. Were. You. Doing?!?!

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