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Relax, everyone. Chuck Liddell says Jon Jones is a good dude

Relax, everyone. Chuck Liddell says Jon Jones is a good dude

Paid UFC employee and beloved Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell was recently bombarded by a slew of questions from members of the press. As soon as Liddell stepped out of his paid town car, the former UFC light heavyweight champion was attacked from all angles by Hollywood’s top paparazzi reporters. Outside of 3 1/2 star Japanese restaurant Katsuya in Hollywood, a very hungry Liddell paused for a moment to take questions in an impromptu press conference.  

TMZ Sports was on the scene to capture this great moment in Iceman history. What was Liddell’s opinion on Jon Jones and his first round defeat of recreational drug addiction? Liddell hasn’t talked to Jones recently and doesn’t really know the whole story but he would go on to say that “Jon Jones is a good dude.” The 45 year old Liddell would even go out on the limb and say that Jones is the best 205 pound fighter in the world.

 It was truly a ringing endorsement from the UFC’s current director of fun. 

Before Liddell could look over the appetizer menu, he would add that “Jones made a mistake, but give the guy a break.” So in-tune with the inner workings of “Team Jones”, Liddell told the gathered masses he once played Bones Jones in EA UFC and knocked him out. Sources close to the situation claim that Liddell is a button masher when it comes to fighting games and Jones controller and or in-game character were hacked prior to fight.

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