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Rashad as the underdog? Daniel Cormier thinks that’s silly

Rashad as the underdog? Daniel Cormier thinks that’s silly

The above picture is one of my favorite MMA photos of all-time. Back then, Cormier was but a Strikeforce Challenger, but now look at him: The favorite in a fight against former light heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans. Personally, I’m not shocked. Sure, Rashad knows how to win (when he’s not fighting a Nogueira) but this is a Cormier who has dominated much bigger men than him for years. Men that are championship material. We here at MiddleEasy have declared for roughly two years that Cormier would be the man to defeat Jon Jones, and that’s why we aren’t shocked by the Olympian being favored at UFC 170.

Or it could be an expertly-placed humble brag, letting Rashad get comfortable. My God, these head games.

 Heidi Feng for MMA Fight Corner got the quote:


“I mean I don’t know why I wouldn’t be [the underdog]. He’s a guy that’s going to be in the Hall of Fame at some point when he’s done. He’s fought the really best guys for a really long time and he’s won. I guess that I would be considered the underdog. Rashad was a college wrestler, NCAA division I qualifier and a UFC champion. It’s a difficult fight for me. I think he’s probably going to be the toughest guy I’ve fought so far. But, I feel fine. I’m really confident in what I’ve learned in this sport. I’m confident in my team, my coaches, and my ability to fight. When I go in the cage, I fight smart and I fight to win. So, I’m confident I can win against Rashad Evans.”
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