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Rampage doesn’t care about fighting Hendo again because ‘he sucks’

Rampage doesn’t care about fighting Hendo again because ‘he sucks’

Katy Perry. Glee. OS X Mavericks. Horoscopes. Prawns. That’s a list of things I have a complete lack of interest in. If I had a bucket with nothing in it, that bucket would still contain more than the contents of my feels for those things. @care = null as they would say in Ruby. I’ve not even defined my variable there because I care that little. My complete lack of care is because I’ve beat those things before, unified the PRIDE and UFC middleweight belts and they now have no titles.

Wait, I’m getting myself confused with Rampage Jackson again. I hate when that happens. Just last week I was talking to a guy at work and instead of talking, I simply handed him a note I’d written. At the bottom I’d signed it as his mom. No, I do not care about those things simply because they suck (except perhaps Maverick, but I’ve not tried it because I use Debian so everything else automatically sucks) and this is exactly how Rampage feels about the prospect of fighting Dan Henderson again. When the idea of Bellator signing Hendo and matching the two was raised by MMA Junkie, Rampage pretty much dismissed it immediately.

Why would I be interested in having a rematch with Dan Henderson? I already beat him; I beat him for the unified titles. I beat him for the PRIDE title. He has no titles now. He sucks.

So, that’s how he feels about that idea. To be honest, I’m not personally excited to see that match-up either. I’m pretty sure Dan Henderson would take the match-up though. Actually, I’m pretty sure that dude would fight anything you put in front of him. If it was up to me, I’d make him fight governmental corruption before I even thought about matching him with Rampage again.

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