Jiri Prochazka Taps Glover Teixeira Late After Back-And-Forth War – UFC 275 Results (Highlights)

Prochazka left it late as he submitted Teixeira to become the new light heavyweight champion.

Jiri Prochazka

A light heavyweight title headliner between Glover Teixeira and Jiri Prochazka is taking place now (Saturday, June 11, 2022) at UFC 275.

Round 1

Teixeira sees his head kick blocked. He connects with a body kick soon after. Prochazka lands a leg kick. Prochazka partially blocks a body kick. Teixeira with a combination. Teixeira goes for the single leg and gets Prochazka down. Teixeira lands a couple of elbows. Prochazka looks to get up but Teixeira remains on top. Prochazka explodes and gets to his feet. He misses a flying knee. Prochazka lands a body kick. Teixeira connects with a right. Teixeira gets a single and transitions to full mount! Teixeira lands a couple of elbows but Prochazka survives and manages to get Teixeira to slide off him. Prochazka enters his guard and lands some big shots to end the round!

Round 2

The action is momentarily stopped after an accidental eye poke on Prochazka. Prochazka avoids a combination. He nearly lands a front kick to the head. Teixeira with a front kick to the body. He connects with a right soon after. Prochazka hurts Teixeira! Teixeira shoots but is unable to get it. Prochazka starts to unload with volume. He stuffs a takedown and lands some knees and an elbow. Prochazka stuffs another single leg. Prochazka starts to unload but trips as Teixeira lands a left hook  and takes his back soon after! Teixeira lands strikes but is eventually in the half guard. Teixeira mounts with 15 seconds left as he lands big elbows and cuts Prochazka open!

Round 3

Prochazka misses with a question mark kick. Prochazka starts to throw volume. He stuffs a takedown and lets Teixeira up. Prochazka lands a couple of straight lefts. They exchange leg kicks. Teixeira fails with another takedown attempt. Prochazka starts to unload again but is taken down with a single leg. Prochazka gets to his feet and has Teixeira against the fence. He rips the body. Teixeira clinches him but Prochazka gets out and starts to throw plenty of strikes. Prochazka sprawls on a takedown and starts to ground and pound a winded and bloodied Teixeira. Prochazka attempts a submission but finds Teixeira in his guard. Teixeira lands some big elbows before the round ends.

Round 4

Teixeira comes out swinging early. He partially lands a head kick. Prochazka with a body shot. Teixeira seems to have hurt Prochazka with a left. Prochazka gets taken down again with Teixeira in side control. Teixeira mounts him and has under three minutes to work. Teixeira looks to sink in the arm triangle but doesn’t have it completely. Prochazka gets out of it and starts to throw ground and pound from the top. Teixeira manages to take Prochazka’s back somehow! It’s back and forth as Prochazka is now in Teixeira’s guard. Prochazka lands a couple of strikes as we head to the final round.

Round 5

Teixeira lands a huge right that has Prochazka hurt bad! Teixeira looks for the guillotine but is unable to secure it as Prochazka recovers. They return to the feet. Teixeira catches Prochazka again but goes for the takedown. Prochazka defends and they return to striking. Teixeira lands a right. Teixeira connects with a left hook soon after! He takes Prochazka down and mounts him! Teixeira lands some elbows. Prochazka explodes and now has Teixeira’s back as he lands big shots. Prochazka is in side control. Prochazka sinks in the rear naked choke and gets the tap!

Official Result: Jiri Prochazka defeats Glover Teixeira via submission (R5, 4:32).

Check out the highlights below:

Published on June 12, 2022 at 1:13 am
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