Phoenix Fight Night 3: The Full Fight Review

The Life Centre in Bournemouth played host to an incredible night of combat action this past Saturday night.

This is how it all went down.

Corey Howard Vs. Ollie Carvell (Boxing)
Both clinch early and then Ollie shows terrific power as he attacks the body. Corey gets dropped but survives the count, Corey steps it up unleashing his own attack but is soon dropped again and once again survives the count.
Corey lands two straight lefts and Ollie clinches, Ollie goes to work on the body again and drops Corey once again and follows up with a right hook. The fight is called.
Ollie wins via second round TKO.

Ryan Cuff Vs. Chase Burnett (K1)

Ryan is rocked early by a sweet kick to the chin as he changed levels, he is unable to continue.
Chase Burnett wins via TKO after 19 seconds of the first round.

Onur Altun Vs. Jason Bridges

Fantastic first round as both guys throw caution to the wind. Jason lands the most telling blows including a great body shot, superb stuff and an early crowd pleaser.

Rd 2

Jason ducks a heavy right and lands a running combination with some great footwork, Onur responds with a huge body shot that visibly hurts Jason, but Jason digs deep and rallies as both are starting to tire. Another huge body shot from Onur to finish this 3 minutes but the round could go either way.

Rd 3

Both clinch furiously and neither is prepared to let up as both want to show they have more to give. Jason is landing flurries but both are giving everything. Onur lands a straight right dropping Jason. The urgency from both guys as the round finishes is highly impressive, it’s the best boxing match up I have seen for some time.

Onur Altun gets the split decision at the end of a fantastic battle.

Mitch Simons Vs Rosh Singh. (Boxing)

Both guys start the bout showing a lot of discipline and composure. Mitch lands a great body combination possibly nicking the round.

Rd 2

A big left from Mitch is the telling strike in the first half of the round, both guys look very professional. It’s a very technical second round with a lot of cat and mouse, Mitch just about nicks it for me again.

Rd 3

Bit more mustard from both guys as they start to tire, its turning into a dog fight. Rosh lands a heavy right and Mitch rallies with a body combination.

It’s another strong fight with Mitch Simons taking a unanimous decision.

Ben Griffiths Vs. James Barry (MMA)

James starts proceedings with a huge scoop slam. Ben gets to his feet but James takes him down instantly, he works his way to the top of the body and adds in a beautiful transition into full mount. Barry lands a little gnp softening Ben up and switches taking his back and sinks in the RnC.

It’s a beautiful finish giving James the win after 55 seconds via tap out.

John Johnson Vs Dan Lockwood (Boxing)

Very tight first round with both guys looking to finish with big shots.

Rd 2
Faked glove touch infuriates Johnson who starts throwing bombs, he lands a huge right. Suddenly Lockwood lands a straight right dropping Johnson who is unable to continue. That was one hell of an exciting second round.
Dan Lockwood wins via second round KO 53 seconds.

Lennie Scudder Vs Steve Davidson (K1)

An early huge right from Scudder drops Davidson breaking his nose; he follows up again by dropping him with a right. Credit to Davidson who roars into life at the cost of a little composure, its enough to give himself some time to see out the round.

Rd 2

Scudder opens by landing a round house kick, this guy is a real crowd pleaser and the fight is turning into a Kung Fu movie. Davidson lands two low knees earning himself a point deduction. Serious aggression from Davidson as he drives forward showing incredible cardio.

Rd 3

The pair of them just go at it taking chunks out of each other, it’s an absolute spectacle of a fight. Great composure from Scudder and utter aggression from Davidson.

Scudder wins via majority decision.

Mark Hayes Vs Shane Whiffen (Boxing)

Entertaining first round with Hayes forcing the edge with brute power.

Rd 2

Whiffen shows some beautiful technical boxing finding holes. Switching from head to body and landing corkscrew punches to the body that find the mark. Mark lands a clunker bringing Whiffen to his knees in the final second, but is it enough to take the round?

Rd 3
Crazy round with both guys landing devastating strikes. Hayes finishes the fight with a monstrous body shot that also knocks the wind out of the audience. It’s a cracking scrap of contrasting styles.

Mark Hayes defeats Shane Whiffen via TKO rd 3 1:10

Tom Little Vs Brett Walker

Killer leg kicks from Walker takes out both legs early. Tom is unable to continue.

Walker wins via TKO after 50 seconds of the first round.

Karl Rawlings Vs. Jack D**kerson (Boxing)

Jack is dropped early after taking a solid shot. The ref calls it off after another knock down, although game, D**kerson is wobbly on his feet.

Rawlings wins via TKO Rd 1 at 1:23.

Chas Cronk Vs. Lee Finch (Boxing)

Chas picks and lands a number of heavy shots during the round, he slows down towards the end but has done more than enough to secure the points.

Rd 2

Finch isn’t throwing much and soaking up a lot of shots. His lack of urgency will not look good with the judges. It’s another clear round to Chas who is simply out working his opponent.

Rd 3

Finch comes alive in round 3 and is backing Chas against the cage whilst landing flurries. He is relentless but all of a sudden Chas rallies catching him, Chas’s workmanship has won the audience over. They both continue to exchange exhausted, it’s another fantastic bout.

Cronk defeats Finch via split decision.
Nik Jones Vs. James Reedman (MMA)

After a sustained tussle against the cage Reedman switches the momentum and gets the takedown. After a little gnp he finds himself in half guard and continues the gnp onslaught. After much dominance Reedman makes a mistake that’s see’s Jones find full mount, although there is not enough time to do anything with it.

Rd 2

Big takedown from Jones into side control, guillotine attempt that isn’t in see’s Nik lose the position. Ref stands it up after inactivity. They clinch until the end of the round.

Rd 3

Reedman sprawls a takedown attempt and forces his own, Jones looks tired and has Reedman crawling all over him landing shots. The ref steps in and it’s all over.

Reedman wins via ref stoppage in round 3.

Ross Martin Vs. Sam Jones (Boxing)

It’s a hard round to call as both guys are very tentative. Martin is using his jab from long range and Jones is patiently waiting for a mistake.

Rd 2

Sam Jones opens up after a minute of the second round, does enough to shake Martins up.

Rd 3

Great head movement and level changes from Jones coming into round 3, he is making it very difficult for Ross, the round ends with good work from both guys.

Sam Jones defeats Ross Martin via split decision.

Ben Harrison Vs. George Stead (Boxing)

Rd 1

Harrison is on his toes but both guys are landing shots with the bigger strikes coming from Harrison. It’s an entertaining and active first round.

Rd 2

Harrison is the aggressor but good counter striking from Stead, towards the end of the round Harrison is dancing around Stead seemingly landing at will.

Rd 3

Round 3 is a real back and forth between both guys, both have shown a lot of talent.

George Stead takes the split decision.

Jamie Sloane Vs Tuko Tokkes

Both guys test the cage, Sloane unleashes a huge uppercut that lands, Tuko keeps looking for the standing guillotine but not having any luck. Fantastic round from both guys, very aggressive stuff.

Rd 2

Tuko gets a double leg into half mount and switches to side control, he loses the momentum and they stand. Two huge overhand rights from Sloane sees Tuko shoot for the takedown. Tuko takes a horrible beating towards the end of the round but he is saved by the bell.

Rd 3

Low blow early to Tukko sees a pause in the action, they then both see the round out exchanging kicks.

Jamie Sloane wins via unanimous decision.

Wez Daniel Vs. Lawrie Flanagan (K1)

Wez can’t continue after a couple of leg kicks.

Lawrie Flanagan wins via TKO in the first round,

Les Simmons Vs. James Lee (Boxing)

Simmons has a few tricks up his sleeve as he ducks 80% of Lee’s shots and lands some telling strikes of his own.

Rd 2

Simmons continues to move forward disintegrating Lee’s reach advantage. Surprisingly Simmons team throws in the towel after Lee lands a stiff right. Pity as it was looking like a good fight.

James Lee wins via corner stoppage Rd 2 1:50.

Justin Moore Vs Jack Rolinski (MMA)

Huge slam from Moore to start things off. Moore is terrifying as he launches his onslaught dragging Rolinski around the cage and landing hammer fists, but out of nowhere a huge upkick catches him dropping him on the spot. It’s a shocking end to the fight.

Jack Rolinski wins via KO (Upkick) 59 seconds of Rd 1

Damo Weeden Vs. Michael Maroudas (MMA)

Slam to full mount from Weeden, Maroudas is slippery but Weeden is going medieval on him, Maroudas is getting hammered as the ref drags Weeden off him bang on time.

Weeden wins via ref stoppage (TKO) 45 seconds of round 1

Mo Abdurghman Vs James Freeguard (K1)

Fantastic striking from Mo systematically picking shots, there are also some great returns from James who has spirited hands.

Rd 2

Simply sublime stuff from both guys, both are finding the target from head to toe. Teeth are getting knocked out as both guys turn the fight into a spectacle. One of the best rounds of K1 you will see anywhere in the world.

Rd 3

Round 3 carries on where round 2 finished, it’s an unbelievable fight with the audience in rapture, the talent and bravery of both guys takes the fight into the outer limits. It finishes after Mo drops to the floor twice with an injured leg, I wouldn’t want to be either of these guys in the morning.

James Freeguard wins via TKO in round 3 after 41 seconds. Both guys clearly take fight of the night if not the year.

Dave Rintoul Vs. Alex Thorne (MMA)

A real battle in the clinch that see’s Rintoul drop to his knees only to find Thorne waiting with a guillotine. It’s a very fast finish and a big scalp for Thorne.

Alex Thorne wins via tapout round 1 at 45 seconds.

Fabio Kathusing Vs Alex Kiolak (MMA)

Very high level kickboxing from both guys, both are fighting very openly with Fabio getting the edge.

Rd 2

Fabio is landing some big knees but both are landing nasty shots. Fabio edges this round for me as well.

Rd 3

Fabio is relentless as he storms forward landing shot after shot, but Alex is very durable and always dangerous. It goes to the judges.

Fabio Kathusing wins via unanimous decision.

Andy Manzolo Vs. Dan Vinni

Manzolo takes it to the mat after Vinni opens up on him; Dan pops a triangle on but Manzolo battles through and somehow escapes. Manzolo finds full mount but Dan instantly escapes. Manzolo maintains top control until Dan gets a sweep at the end of the round.

Rd 2

Manzolo drags Vinni to the mat falling into half guard, Dan is controlling from the top, suddenly Manzolo sweeps into a full mount. Dan sweeps back into guard, Manzolo once again finds full mount as the audience starts to suffer from dizziness . Vinni defends fantastically from underneath and once again finds another switch only for Manzolo to pull the same trick with seconds left of the round.

Rd 3

Manzolo soon finds top control and the ref stands it up. Manzolo drops Vinni with a straight left jab, Manzolo jumps on him only for the ref to stand it up again. Manzolo gets another take down, both are tired with about 3 minutes left of the round. The ref stands it up again and Dan goes on the attack only to be taken down again. Dan attaches a nasty looking triangle and works the top of Andys head with elbows as the fight comes to an end. Great effort from both guys.

Manzolo takes the unanimous decision.

Andre Winner Vs. Ryan Edmunson (K1)

Ryan is finding gaps but Andre Winner hits so hard. As the round progresses Ryan grows with confidence hitting harder and more accurately, Andre lands with a spinning back fist that finds the mark but Edmunson shrugs it off.

Rd 2
Andre is looking sharper but Ryan seems happy to occasionally go toe to toe with him, the technical ability’s from both guys are outstanding. Winner is able to dictate where most of the fight goes.

Rd 3
Ryan is starting to frustrate Winner, he appears to be having a lot of fun in there, Andre continues to press forward landing the occasional shot. It really is a great fight. The bell rings with Winner unleashing on Edmunson.

Andre Winner wins via majority decision.

Paul Daley Vs Artem Mironcev. (K1)

Daley looks relaxed as does Artem as the fight starts. Doesn’t take Daley long to start adding a little power as he attacks Artems body. Daley rocks and drops Artem with a left hook but Artem recovers. Daley is looking for the kill and throwing such power, he drops him with another left only to see Artem recover again.

Rd 2

Artem opens the round throwing and landing a variety of strikes. Daley gets frustrated and roars into action landing shot after shot, the way Artem recovers from each blow is impressive to say the least. Daley lands a huge right dropping Artem again, Artem pops back up again and Daley finishes the round driving shot after shot into Artem against the cage.

Rd 3

What a fight this is as they engage in the third round. Daley lands a big right straight down the middle followed by a left hook three times in a row. Its rocks Artem and leaves him cut, this enough for the ref to finish the fight, it’s a good choice.

It’s a good finish for Daley and Mironcev must be up for the concrete chin of the year award.

Paul Daley defeats Artem Mironcev via TKO 1:13 of round 3.

Published on March 29, 2018 at 12:00 am
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