Phil Davis is hurting a man because he’s drinking Sprite in this new Sprite commercial

Will I ever be able to start a Phil Davis article without mentioning the time Zeus made me ask him how he felt about black athletes being called explosive? Probably not, because even now, six months later, I look back on that moment in a muggy boxing gym downtown Chicago and cringe. Damn it, the question needed to be asked, so I must live with it, if not celebrate it.

MMA media basement-dwelling existential nightmare aside, Phil Davis is in a new Sprite commercial and confusingly, he’s hurting a man who is drinking Sprite, just because he’s drinking Sprite? I think? Seems like the opposite of what a soft drink marketing campaign would be going for, or maybe it’s a subtle commentary on sugar in our society from a rogue director in the bowels of Coca-Cola Enterprises?

We will never know.


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