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Phew, Gray Maynard didn’t mean to offend Chad Mendes

Phew, Gray Maynard didn’t mean to offend Chad Mendes

Everybody has a weakness. My weakness is ice cream. Bauzen’s weakness is breakfast burritos, Jose Aldo’s weakness is wrestling. We all have to hope there is help out there, and while there is no help for Bauzen or myself, Jose Aldo can call on former NCAA Div. I wrestler and the only man to have ever beaten Frankie Edgar, Gray Maynard. If only Gray Maynard would come to my house and punch me in the face every time I tried to eat ice cream. Negative reinforcement like that is hard to come by.

Gray had recently gone on record to state that he didn’t think Chad Mendes was ready to face Jose Aldo which was of course taken as a slight by the featherweight contender. Gray isn’t one to mince his words however and he clarified things by making the following statement on MMAJunkie:

“I like Chad; I met him a couple of times, but I like Jose, how he trains, where he’s from – his whole story. So I thought it was an opportunity I could help… I’m just trying to learn a lot and evolve and create a new me.”

I’m sure you will all sleep easier tonight knowing that Gray didn’t intend to disrespect Chad Mendes. The real story here for me is not only that Jose Aldo has brought in Maynard as a sparring partner but also that Gray is training with one of the baddest Muay Thai stylists in MMA just now then heading over to Holland to train with Andy Souwer. This new Gray Maynard is going to be a very scary individual. [Source]

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