Paul Daley has opened the smack talk salvo over the 209

It has begun. The salvos have opened and the verbal nukes have been dropped upon northern California by way of Nottingham, England. It’s no surprise, we all saw this coming. The only question is where did the planes refuel? I’m sure Nick Diaz wants answers to these logistical questions as soon as possible so a counterattack can be organized. While the 209 regroups in a Dr. Strangelove-esque war room, read what Paul Daley had to say about the Strikeforce Welterweight champ via Read on, brave soldier.

Do you think you’ve got enough time to prepare for someone as dangerous as Nick Diaz?

Well first I wasn’t going to take it because I wanted some downtime after this training camp but my team spoke about it and we’re confident that we’ve got a good game for this fight and this is the right decision for us.
I’m going to smash him, take his belt then I can take all the time off I want.

There were situations outside of your control that contributed to the weigh in situation at BAMMA but are you confident that you can hit the 170 mark at Strikeforce?

Yeah the BAMMA situation was pretty messed up because the hotel had locked the Sauna off and that situation made it pretty impossible. In the end I only missed it by 0.4lbs and with a sauna that would have come off pretty easily.

There’s no downtime so I don’t have to do as big a cut so I’m very confident that Strikeforce won’t be a problem.

Do you honestly think that Nick Diaz will stand up with you?

There’s no way he’ll stand up with me. He might think he wants to but his coaches won’t allow it; Cesar Gracie’s a great coach and he won’t want him trading punches.

What holes do you see in Nick Diaz’s game that you can exploit?

His boxing and his lack of wrestling. I’m a better athlete than he is. He’s a really dangerous grappler but he’s got to get in close enough to make it work and I’m not going to give him the chance.

I think Paul Daley is the only guy who thinks Nick isn’t going to stand with him. I could be wrong, I usually am.


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