Pat Barry mexicutes Joey Beltran’s left leg at UFC Fight for the Troops 2

Pat Barry’s leg kick is the reason why North Korea will never launch a nuclear device at another country. Some guys have cool nicknames like ‘The Pitbull’, Barry goes by Hype or Die. This essentially means that when you’re in the presence of Pat Barry, you have two options: ‘Hype’ or ‘Die’. That’s it. Any other action will be deemed uneccesary and will most likely involve death. In this scenario, you have one method to stay alive, and it’s by hyping the closest thing in your vicinity. You have a house cat that likes to hop on the kitchen counter? Then you better hype the hell out of that thing. Build it a shrine, cut a YouTube video of it, construct a golden grill for its teeth — just do something to prevent immediate death.

Tonight at UFC Fight for the Troops 2, Pat Barry shoved his shin into Joey Beltran’s left leg an enormous amount of times to grab the victory through a unanimous decision. Prior to the fight, Barry described the bout as a ‘sniper versus a zombie’, with the zombie, in this case, being Joey Beltran. Barry knew that the only way to defeat the undead was through a clean head-shot. Throughout their bout, Barry caught Beltran with a multitude of head-kicks along with a blitzkrieg of lower-leg kicks, but it was just impossible to finish The Mexicutioner. The bout went to the judges, and Barry grabbed the unanimous decision. Massive props to Hype or Die, and if you see Barry sometime this month, tell him we’re hyping every inanimate object we can find.

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