Overeem says his facial scar is from being slammed with a beer bottle at 15 years old

Huge LOL at the notion that one needs a fake ID in The Netherlands. Alistair Overeem was not only bar-hopping at the tender age of fifteen, but the dude was getting into bar fights. If Overeem needed a designated driver from one of his stints at the bar, at his age I wasn’t even old enough to drive him home. Clearly, The Netherlands should be your preferred choice of countries to raise a rebellious teenager in. With enough bar fights, your teenager will end up being the reigning K-1 World GP and Strikeforce champion in no time.

Check out this interview from ESPN in which Ubereem explains how he acquired the scar on his face.

“I was 15 years old and hanging out in bars in my home country of the Netherlands, and I was always getting into fights and this one guy broke a bottle in my face. I had to have 20 stitches through my cheek

“I’ve always been a fighter and always competitive. But I then started to get more disciplined and [learned how to] not be such a rebel. My brother helped me focus to get out of trouble and get me in the right direction.”

Of course we all know years later, six highly confident bouncers wanted to test Overeem’s ‘rebellious nature’ inside of a Dutch nightclub one night. They all ended up in a hospital. [Source]

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