Ortiz vs. Coleman planned for Nov. 21

We still don’t know why anyone would fight when they have this waiting for them at home. If Jenna Jameson were in my bed, you wouldn’t even be reading this. In fact you wouldn’t even know what MiddleEasy.com was. I would just rock off her porn star dime and have shopping sprees at Jamba Juice every morning. I would ball out every day. Buying premium gas would be like nothing to me. Unfortunately, I’m unable to produce a Jenna Jameson in my apartment so I have to resort to living vicariously through your boy, Tito Ortiz. Check out what Ortiz told Sherdog Radio yesterday:

“I have about a week-and-a-half to two weeks before I can start wrestling, and once I start wrestling at 100 percent –- right now I’m just drilling –- but once I’m at 100 percent, I’ll let them know. Hopefully, November 21 will be the date.” 

Dana has already announced that Ortiz will be taking on Mark Coleman, the only guy with the absolute gameplan to defeat Lyoto Machida. Tito Ortiz has as pornstar as a girlfriend. We have Tivo’d scenes of Anna Paquin topless in True Blood. Seems fair enough. [Source]

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