Oh, here’s a video of Cain Velasquez and Cristiano Ronaldo hanging out, and speaking Spanish!

There’s not a convincing argument out there as to why Cain Velasquez can not take you down at any given moment. It was James Brown who said ‘you can’t get up until you get down’. Under Cain Velasquez’s laws of physics, that statement is 100% true. If Cain Velasquez invented a branch of science, all matter in this universe would end up on the ground at some point in time. It would also get ground and pounded by fists that are 9-0. Check out this video of Cain Velasquez being infinitely cooler than you (and me) by hanging out with Real Madrid player, Cristiano Ronaldo, and speaking Spanish. Sorry Ricco Rodriguez. Maybe Cain Velasquez is the first Mexican heavyweight, history be damned. Props to Matt K for the find.

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