Oh cool, here’s a video of Michael Bisping and Ronda Rousey cageside at Anderson Vs. Chael II

The hierarchy of traffic generators on MiddleEasy.com looks like this: naked Ronda Rousey > gay porn > straight porn > staph infections > Nick Diaz either no-showing a BJJ tournament, kickflipping on a skateboard, or having his portrait made out of weed > Chael trash talking Anderson then losing to him twice > Hendo’s H-Bomb on Michael Bisping. Pretty eclectic but hey – you guys like to click what you like to click.

So in theory, this article already has a few key elements that would lead us to believe you guys will enjoy it. We all know the Bisping .gif will be placed in the comment section and all of us will watch it at least three times. Then we will all discuss the finer points of Anderson Silva’s second impressive win over current ‘grudgeweight’ contender Chael Sonnen. It’s going to be great. And what makes it better is that we will have Bisping and Ronda’s points of view. Technology is incredible these days.

Life is good.

Let’s take a look at this video.


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