Now we have an official explanation as to why EA Sports MMA removed content from the game

You may have noticed the Bigfoot Silva you so carefully crafted on a Thursday night after watching the season finale of The Bachelor has now been altered through a recent patch on EA Sports MMA. The Bigfoot Silva you manifested has now been replaced by someone named ‘Bigfoot *****’, and I’m sure a lot of you feel a strong sense of disappointment. Your create-a-fighter wasn’t replaced with a typo, or incubated by some alien being that has a fascination with asterisks. Not at all. It’s what you assumed was impossible, suddenly became a stark reality. It appears that ZUFFA has slapped a copyright infringement claim on names like ‘Wanderlei’, ‘Silva’ and ‘Lesnar’ that appear as selectable create-a-fighter names in EA Sports MMA. In order for us not to come to wild conclusions (which we already have), we asked EA Sports what happened with this recent content change, here’s what they said.

“EA respects the intellectual property rights of others and the changes made were to address user-created Content that could possibly infringe on these rights. Per the terms of the EA SPORTS MMA Terms of Service, EA has the right to remove or alter any Content that is objectionable for any reason.”

Fighting stances like the ‘Hawaiian Prodigy’, ‘Elusive striker’, ‘Iowa wrestler’ and ‘Generic Pit Fighter’ were also removed from the game. Also, don’t expect to see that massive sword tattoo anytime soon as a few custom inks and pre-made create-a-fighter heads were expelled from the game like some gossipy girl in elementary school. However, if you really want to retain the content that was included in the retail version of the game, grab a copy and just never hook your console to the internet. No online updates means you can still construct a remarkable ‘***** *******’.

Basically what I’m trying to say is the MiddleEasy shirt is still in the game, and that’s really the only thing that matters in this universe.

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