Now that Diego Sanchez’s nickname is no longer ‘Nightmare’ maybe he can go by ‘the guy that used to do stevia with Dan Quinn’

When it takes twenty-seven minutes to load a two-minute long Youtube video because your ISP has decided to limit your use of the ‘unlimited bandwidth’ you pay them every month for, well it might just be time to step away from the computer and say I’m done with you for the day. Go outside and kick rocks — or play in traffic instead. Anything less likely to induce a random act of violence upon your innocent laptop.

That’s sort of how Diego Sanchez feels about fighting at 155 and his “the Nightmare” nickname. In a recent interview with Damon Martin from, Diego explained that he was done dropping down to 155 and done with his nickname.

“The options are closed for me to ever go down to 155 again,” he confirmed on Tuesday. “It’s been real motivating for me to be real strong,” Sanchez commented. “Cause in my last fight, I was really prepared I worked hard, but I wasn’t physically strong and that’s something you’ve got to have being a welterweight. That’s something I really worked on in this training camp.”

“I let that go, I let the ‘Nightmare’ go,” Sanchez said. “To me, I see some negative in it. Nightmare, it’s something negative and I don’t like it, kind of evil, and I don’t like it. I don’t want to represent that. I want to represent positivity and I want to represent the good.”

“I was my own nightmare,” Sanchez said. “All the times that I fell off track and got into drinking, and got into smoking weed, and things that brought me down. That was my nightmare. I was my own nightmare. I’ve grown up and I’m going to let that name go. I’m just going to be Diego Sanchez; I don’t even need a nickname.”

I can feel Diego’s pain. I have my own personal nightmare going on right now. Being forced to attempt to use the Interwebs with speeds reminiscent of 1994 dial-up speed is a frightening and torturous experience, and I don’t like it. At least there’s this video of Diego Sanchez kicking it with Dan Quinn that we can all watch in the meantime. [Source]

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