No need to wait for UFC 140, check out this simulation of Jones vs. Machida from UFC Undisputed 3

No matter who you are or how old you get, never forget the things people are saying about Jon Bones Jones mirrors what people said about Lyoto Machida back in 2008-2009. The term ‘Machida Era’ wouldn’t exist if it didn’t have some sort of merit. For years, no one could develop a method to successfully tag Machida in a fight. He was elusive, sort of like that low-hanging booger residing in the back of your nose. You know it’s there, you’ve exerted all efforts on fishing it out with your finger — but it’s simply impossible to remove. That’s Machida, he’s snot — but only in the most positive way imaginable. Never count out a guy that did this to an incredibly tough Rashad Evans. Now that Machida has spent time in Brazil training with King Mo and Anderson Silva, don’t be surprised if heads across the country explode in sheer amazement during UFC 140 in Toronto.

However, don’t let me convince you who may win in the main event. I’m just human. Let an array of overly complex algorithms and slick graphics dictate how Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida will pan out. THQ has manifested a computer simulation of the bout through UFC Undisputed 3, and it’s something you need to see immediately. [Source]

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