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No more Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort at UFC 109

No more Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort at UFC 109

It’s been a long time coming like an 80 year old porn star. Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort has been canceled, revived, canceled, rescheduled and as of last night…canceled for UFC 109. If you want a brief update on the Silva vs. Belfort saga, click here otherwise continue to eat your roommate’s leftover Chinese food. Anderson had elbow surgery a few months ago and it looks like he’s just not quite recovered…although Silva at 50% is better than you at 150% with a dose of gamma-radiation. There’s three things you can count on in this world: death, taxes and Anderson Silva outboxing you. Here’s what Ando told Portal das Lutas about his recent surgery.

“I went to the doctor who takes care of me in Brazil on Monday. I had surgery in the United States but there is communication between the two medical teams. To sum it up, some movements aren’t at the expected stage [of recovery].

“I’m crazy to come back, train hard and fight but some moves still hurt so much. I just came from jiu-jitsu training where I was teaching my students and I could not even could make some positions with them.”

Silva vs. Belfort canceled for UFC 109, just something else to complain about this weekend. Personally, I like to let my fingernails grow so I can have something to complain about when I try to pull up my socks. [Source]

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