Nate Diaz says f*ck the belt, he’s just trying to beat the number one guy in the world

I want to write a screenplay about Kimbo Slice finding a portal to a holographic dimension inside a Chinese Buffet in Abeline, TX and send it to him. Then, I want write a screenplay about him pretending like he understands any of what I’m talking about. In reality, I’m working on a book deal that has nothing to do with MMA, but inversely has everything to do with MMA. If everything goes through, the book will be targeted to children, since the publisher thinks I would set a good example for today’s youth. I wonder how many shots of Jaggermeister that publisher had before she made that statement, but I’m setting the over/under at five. In the meantime, check out this video of Nate Diaz talking to Ron Kruck at AXS TV about his upcoming fight against Ben Hederson.

It’s also important to note that Ron Kruck is the friggin’ man and the quality of journalism the dude has manifested within the MMA industry is horribly underrated. It’s ridiculous how this guy doesn’t win the award for greatest MMA journalist of the year, every year until the sun kills the earth and entropy engulfs the universe. Follow Ron Kruck on Twitter and tell him Zeus sent you. You don’t have to tell him that I sent you, it would be nice but I know some of you have short term memories. You and your silly recreational activities.

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