Myles Jury extinguishes the Fireball Kid, Japan cries into their beer

I want to drink with Gomi one day. That’s a bucket list thing that I just want to do. Gomi likes beer, I like beer. He likes throwing hadoukens, I like seeing hadoukens being thrown. It’s a relationship made in heaven, even with the language barrier. Some things are universal, like good beer and a love of hadoukens. 

Maybe I’ll be that much closer to experiencing this, because Gomi should go on a pilgrimage to various breweries around the world and really think about whether or not he should do this anymore. Yeah, he should be on a four fight winning streak if it weren’t for dumb judges watching his fight against Diego Sanchez, but why not go and have enough brain cells intact so you can at least enjoy drowning them in ale? 

It took less than a minute for Myles Jury to knock Gomi to the ground then pound him out. I’m thankful for the quick win, but I wear my hadouken on my sleeve when it comes to loving Gomi. Damn.

Jury looked good though. Would be interesting if he fought Ben Henderson or something. I’m tired. 

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